Okro Stew (Okra Stew)

As one of Ghana’s national dishes, okro stew is prepared with tomatoes, red palm oil, onions, tomatoes, spices and finely […]


Shoko is a delicious traditional Ghanaian stew prepared with beef, spinach and tomatoes. Course: Main Course Cuisine: African, Ghanaian Servings: 6 people Author: Renards Gourmets […]


Shito is a very spicy traditional Ghanaian sauce. It is composed of peppers and accompanies many dishes, especially fish. Course: Condiment […]


Kenkey is a traditional Ghanaian dish made from fermented white corn consumed by Ga people who call it komi and […]


Waakye is a traditional Ghanaian dish of cooked rice, beans and red millet leaves which give waakye this particular reddish […]

Rice Water

Rice water is a traditional Ghanaian dessert that consists of a rice porridge with nutmeg, but also other toppings to […]

Omo Tuo

Omo tuo is a Ghanaian side dish originating from the Hausa people, made by cooking very soft rice, then pounding […]

Angwa Mo

Angwa Mo Angwa Mo (or angwamu) is a delicious traditional Ghanaian dish consisting of fried rice that is often cooked […]